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Regenerative Cities With Tony Cho

Episode Summary

In this episode, we talk to developer Tony Cho about his new mission-driven organization, the Future of Cities. With his roots in Miami commercial real estate as the founder of Metro 1. Cho has built eco-retreats and revitalized neighborhoods like Wynwood and Little Haiti in Miami. We discuss regenerative cities, sustainable rewilding, and how to work with local communities to create strong places that last.

Episode Notes

00:02:20 Future Cities Collective Origins 

00:06:24 Regenerative Cities 

00:10:55 The Value of Rewildling

00:12:10 Examples & Frameworks

00:17:50 Regenerative Development Process

00:25:37 Development & Community Building

00:26:53 Coronavirus & Post-Pandemic Cities

00:30:47 Cities & public/private partnership   

00:33:48 Trends & Advancements

00:39:06 How to get involved with Future Of Cities Organization